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What is Meta Dram?


Every bottle sold on our marketplace is firstly a unique token relating to that bottle from the cask.


Each release has a unique blockchain token that is used for origin and custody on our platform. Verifiable through the polygon explorer and your platform wallet.


The purchase of new bottles and the resale of existing purchased bottles through our marketplace

Web3 Wallet

To store your bottle tokens each customer will receive a blockchain wallet that is hosted securely through the Fireblocks platform and accessible on the Meta Dram platform .

Unique Releases

Landmark & Signature make up our two current release categories. Sign up to our newsletter for release announcements.

Maturing Casks

As well as planned Landmark & Signature releases. We will be offering the option to buy bottles from maturing casks that have future bottling dates.

Origin & Custody

The spirit of Meta Dram is the use of blockchain technology to allow tracking and traceability of casks and bottles.

Polygon (MATIC)

Our blockchain of choice for deploying smart contracts and our cask to bottle tokenisation.

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