Pioneering Change in the Whisky Industry

At Meta Dram, we are driven by our passion for whisky, Scottish craft spirits and our commitment to modernise the industry through innovation. Our journey began with a keen eye on the evolving landscape of whisky, identifying opportunities amidst challenges. Our mission is to bridge the gap between businesses and consumers, leveraging technology to redefine whisky ownership and enhance the overall whisky experience.

Growing Market

The Whisky Industry

Scotch whisky is a major industry in Scotland and the UK, with a growing export value. 


Maturing Casks In Scotland


Increase in value of exports in 2022 


Value of Scotch Whisky Exports (2022)


Meta Dram Cask Portfolio

In line with our innovative product range, Landmark, Signature and Mature Cask, Meta Dram’s portfolio is harmoniously diversified to include whiskies of different ages, regions, and flavour profiles. This diversity is a key to our value proposition, providing individuals with an opportunity to own a piece of whisky history that resonates with their interests. With the blockchain's integration and a diverse yet limited collection, Meta Dram not only introduces a new era of whisky ownership but elevates the whisky experience for connoisseurs and collectors alike.


The Whisky Blockchain Revolution

We believe blockchain technology can extend to the purchasing and ownership of whisky within the industry. There has been a lot of coverage surrounding Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain in the last decade globally. Meta Dram has a firm belief that blockchain technology can be used for good and advancement on a global level.

  • Security
  • Transparency
  • Ownership
  • Future Proof