Hey there, whisky lovers. 

Have you ever wished you could own a part of a whisky cask? 

Well, now you can with Meta Dram. 

We use a cool technology called blockchain to make this happen. 

Let’s dive in and learn all about it.

What is Tokenised Whisky?

Imagine a cask of whisky aging in a special warehouse. 

Now, imagine if you could own just a part of that cask. 

With Meta Dram, you can do just that. 

We take casks of whisky and turn them into tiny digital pieces called tokens. Each token represents a bottle of whisky (70cl).

How Does It Work?

Here’s how we make the magic happen:

Choosing the Best Whisky: We work with our whisky partners to pick the best casks.

Setting the Maturing Date: We decide how long the whisky will age for.

Creating Tokens: We use a technology called blockchain to create tokens. Each token is a digital certificate that shows you own part of the whisky cask.

Using the Polygon Blockchain: We put our tokens on the Polygon blockchain, which is like a digital record book everyone can see.

Why Use Tokens?

Tokens make everything easier and safer. Here’s why:

Traceability: You can see what tokens you own and what release they are a part of. In future releases of our platform we aim to have updates on your cask and bottles put out on the polygon blockchain. 

Transparency: As your wallet is part of a public blockchain, you can see your tokens on our website and other websites that track those public blockchains. 

Trading: Coming soon, platform users will be able to trade their tokens. 

Owning a Token vs. a Bottle

With Meta Dram, your token is just like owning a real bottle of whisky. Here’s what you can do with your token:

Redeem It: You can exchange your token for a bottle of whisky. 

Trade It: You can keep your token and trade it with other whisky lovers on our platform.

Safe and Secure

We make sure your tokens and whisky are super safe. We use industry standard blockchain technology (that banks use) for our digital wallets and work with trusted whisky partners to protect the casks and bottles.

How to Get Your Bottle

When you’re ready to turn your token into a bottle of whisky, just let us know. 

We’ll transfer the token to our holding, package your bottle, and send it to you. 

After that, we’ll burn the token, which means it’s removed from the blockchain.

Extra Benefits

Being a part of Meta Dram is more than just owning whisky. Here’s why:

Trading: You can trade your tokens with other Meta Drammers.

Special Updates: We’ll share exciting news about our latest whisky casks.

Exclusive Releases: You’ll have access to unique whisky releases only for our platform users.

Join the Journey, Become a Meta Drammer.

With Meta Dram, you’re not just buying whisky; you’re joining a special journey. You’ll be part of the whisky’s aging process and can share this unique experience with others.

So, are you ready to explore the world of tokenised whisky?

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