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Meta Dram is based in Aberdour, Scotland. Our mission is to change the way anyone can own whisky. Forever changing the way you can own a piece of Scotland’s best asset.



In homage to the 257 Supermarine Spitfires that stood as guardians during the Battle of Britain, Meta Dram proudly presents the Echelon Spitfire Edition from our Landmark Series—a heartfelt homage to the RAF and the engineering excellence that safeguarded our skies during WW2.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Meta Dram is an independent bottling company who take rare and exclusive Scotch whiskies and turn them into unique concepts and releases. We look to bridge the gap between the traditional element of the industry and its future capabilities by incorporating technology into our process. Each whisky that we do is registered on a blockchain network, which gives our customer peace of mind that their whisky is fully secured, verifiable, manageable and giving them the option in the future of taking delivery of their whisky or indeed trading it through our blockchain marketplace. 

No. We use Blockchain for its core purpose. We tokenise all Meta Dram whisky in order to prove its existence, ownership, security and future tradability. It is not an NFT.

If you have purchased a whisky that has already been bottled you are able to take delivery of the whisky at your request. If you decide to leave it with us in our secure storage facility it will remain on our blockchain. 

If you have purchased a whisky with a future bottling date we provide the date of bottling at purchase. You will be notified leading up to the bottling of your whisky with the options to take delivery or indeed leave it in our secure facility and on our blockchain.

First and foremost, transparency and security. By registering every whisky that comes through our portfolio on the blockchain we are creating a immutable database that gives our customers confidence in their purchase. Furthermore we are futureproofing our customers purchase. Whilst you might want to take delivery of your whisky immediately after being bottled you can still be rest assured that we have registered your ownership of that specific bottle on our database. If, however you are not taking instant delivery you in the future by using our blockchain infrastructure are giving yourself the option of future trading your purchase or indeed just having peace of mind it is secure and traceable. 

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Driven by our passion for whisky, Scottish craft spirits and our commitment to modernise the industry through innovation.

  • 9 High Street, Aberdour, KY3 0SH
  • Phone: +44 1383 824 815